Canarian Aloe Vera

The geographical conditions of the islands and the cultivation methodologies of Aloe Vera Exclusive have resulted in a plant with excellent properties that allow us to create natural products of excellent quality

Proud of
our plants

  • Amount of solids

    The level of plantation solids is very good (1.30%), above the minimum recommended by the IASC (0.5%).

  • Presence of Acemannan

    It contains very high levels of this property. It has a value of 37.8% of dry weight, compared to the reference value provided by the IASC (5%).

  • Malic acid

    It also has significant amounts of this acid, around 22-25% of the solids, which is a parameter of good quality.

What makes us different

Geographical conditions

All the processed aloe vera plants are grown on Fuerteventura, an island whose climatic conditions: temperature, hours of sunshine and light intensity make it an ideal place for the cultivation of this plant.

The plant is native to Eastern and Southern Africa, growing in hot desert climates, where it develops its best properties.

Ecological cultivation

The company has about 2 hectares dedicated to the cultivation of aloe vera, which guarantees control over the quality of the production of its plants and the final product. 

All the aloe vera plants used in the production process are grown organically, with a certificate of organic farming (ROPE nº1705 P)


Properties of Aloe Vera