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Discover nature's best-kept secret for beautiful skin! Canarian aloe vera is the secret that will make your skin shine like never before. With its healing, moisturizing, and regenerative properties, Canarian aloe vera is the answer for radiant and healthy skin. Forget about harmful chemicals and join the natural beauty revolution with Canarian aloe vera. Your skin will thank you!

The Aloe Factory


Raw materials are everything

Did you know that Canarian aloe vera is one of the most highly valued in the world of natural cosmetics?

This type of aloe vera is native to the Canary Islands and is characterized by its high nutrient content and its ability to hydrate, soothe and regenerate the skin.

At Aloe Vera Exclusive, we strive for the best quality to create our products. We work to enhance its natural properties.

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We make it ourselves

The Aloe planting, care, harvesting

and production are under our care

and guarantee of Bio.

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Pioneers in the Canary Islands

20 years of experience in skin care with aloe vera! Aloe Vera Exclusive Factory is a pioneering company in the sector and one of the oldest in the Canary Islands. For two decades, we have been perfecting our aloe vera formulas to offer you the best products for skin care and beauty.

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Blog posts

Discover the best kept secrets of aloe vera on our exclusive blog! At Aloe Vera Exclusive, we know everything there is to know about this wonderful plant and we want to share our knowledge with you. On our blog, you'll find valuable tips and tricks on how to use aloe vera for skin care, hair care, and much more. From home remedies to the latest skincare trends, we have everything you need to stay up-to-date in the world of aloe vera! Are you ready to learn more about this miraculous plant?
4 aloe vera must-haves your skincare shouldn't miss

4 Aloe Vera Products We Should Use at Home Daily

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What makes Aloe Barbadensis Miller the most preferred choice in skincare

Why Aloe Barbadensis Miller Is the Most Used Variety for Skincare

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Awaken your natural beauty with Aloe Vera Exclusive

Welcome to Aloe Vera Exclusive, your online store for natural cosmetic products based on Aloe Vera! Our products are made with the best natural ingredients, particularly Aloe Vera, a plant known for its regenerative and healing properties for the skin. At Aloe Vera Exclusive, we believe in the power of natural ingredients for skincare. All of our products are free of chemicals and made with the best natural ingredients. Join us in our quest for healthier, more radiant skin!