Aloe Vera Exclusive Club

At Aloe Vera Exclusive, we deeply value our customers and want to show our appreciation through our exclusive Loyalty Club. Discover how to be part of it and start enjoying a series of benefits designed especially for you, while you embark on a journey of beauty and well-being with us.

Our levels

Our Loyalty Club is divided into two levels: Grow Exclusive and Bloom Exclusive . Each tier is designed to maximize your benefits and enhance your shopping experience based on your loyalty and annual spending.

Grow Exclusive

Nivel 1

Accede a Grow Exclusive al gastar un total de 300€ en tus compras durante los últimos 12 meses. Desde el momento que alcances el nivel disfrutarás de un descuento del:

Bloom Exclusive

Nivel 2

Accede a Bloom Exclusive al gastar un total de 500€ en tus compras durante los últimos 12 meses. Desde el momento que alcances el nivel disfrutarás de un descuento del:


Be part of the club

Joining is easy! Before making any purchase, log in to your Aloe Vera Exclusive account and continue purchasing your favorite products. When you reach any of the amounts we will automatically enroll you in the corresponding level. Your membership and applied discounts will be activated immediately, and you will receive a welcome notification with all the details necessary to start enjoying your benefits .

Frequent questions

Do I need a special card to be part of the Aloe Vera Exclusive Loyalty Club?

No, joining the program is completely digital and there is no joining cost. Every purchase automatically counts toward your membership.

How do I know which category I am in?

We will notify you about your category through exclusive communications. In addition, you can easily verify it by logging in with your username and password on the website.

Do the discounts apply to the entire product catalog?

Yeah! All our products are included. By accessing the website with your username and password, you can view the discount and apply it in the final step before paying for the order.

Can I upgrade or downgrade?

Clear. A customer who initially belongs to level 1 - Grow Exclusive with an annual expenditure of more than €300, could remain in this category by maintaining this level of purchases for the next 12 months. If your total spending exceeds €500 in a year, you will move up to the Bloom Exclusive level.

From when do 12 months start counting?

The 12-month period begins counting from the day the client enters one of the two levels, extending to 12 months later.

When can I start enjoying the discount?

The program will take into account your purchases from the last 12 months to place you in the corresponding category. If you have never purchased from us, after your first purchase, you will begin to count towards being part of the Aloe Vera Exclusive Loyalty Club. Depending on the amount spent in a 12-month period, you will be informed which category you are in (Grow Exclusive or Bloom Exclusive) and you will be able to start enjoying the discount on subsequent purchases.

Can the discount be accumulated with other offers and promotions?

No, the discount on your loyalty level can only be applied in periods where there are no other promotions.