Breast Cancer Awareness: we're in this together!

Oct 01, 2022

Join Aloe Vera Exclusive in the battle against breast cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we want to take action in this fight by donating 2% of our October sales to breast cancer patients and survivors and bringing the awareness it deserves throughout this month.

In this blog post we'll be talking about its symptoms, how to try to detect it early  and the recipient of our next donation. If you want to know more, keep reading!

Know breast cancer symptoms

Becoming familiar with how your breasts normally look and feel could really make a difference in early detecting breast cancer. 

In the event of any recent changes, you should report it to your doctor for a deeper examination and diagnosis. But don't worry about it too fast, most lumps found are not cancer. 

What changes should you look for

  • A thickening or lump close to your breast or underarm area. 
  • Changes in breast shape or size
  • A nipple turned inward into the breast
  • Fluid discharging from nipple
  • Inflamed, red or scaly skin on the breast

How to perform a breast self-exam

It's recommended performing a breast self-exam every once or twice a month (after getting your period) to look or feel any recent changes. Early tumor detection is easier to treat and more likely to be cured. 

Here we'll show you three step-by-step methods to examine yourself, but remember these practices do not replace yearly screening tests like mammograms. 

In the shower

Take your hand's three middle fingers and check your breast and armpit by pressing them down with light, medium, and firm pressure. Look for lumps, knots or any sign of thickening. 

In front of the mirror

Stay in front of the mirror with your arms at your side and visually look for changes in the contour, swelling or dimpling of the skin, or changes in the nipples. Next, with your palms resting on your hips, press firmly to flex your chest muscles. Inspect any dimpling, puckering, or changes, specially on the sides. 

Lying down

As in the shower, use the flat of your three middle fingers to look for lumps, hardened knots or thickenings or any other changes. Apply light, medium, and frm pressure on both breasts and armpits. 

Aloe Vera Exclusive with the Association Against Metastatic Breast Cancer of Fuerteventura

Association Against Metastatic Breast Cancer of Fuerteventura

Aloe Vera Exclusive, in a conscious exercise on how to create the best impact in fighting this battle, has decided to start this journey by making local changes, to our community, to Fuerteventura. Because every tiny change you can make to those surrounding you will have a global effect. 

The Association Against Metastatic Breast Cancer of Fuerteventura is non-profit organization that has been giving support to breast cancer patients and families of our beloved island for over a year by giving them psychological support, borrowing orthoprosthetic material and organising non-profit events and workshops. 

Their main goal is to accompany patients and their families during the process and minimise their suffering, improve their life quality, guarantee their medical needs and promote oncologic research for the development of new therapies. 

With your charitable purchase you'll help us do our small part in this big quest against breast cancer. 

Will you join us? 😀

Discover our Aloe Vera products and make your conscious purchase.