From Garden to Final Product: The Process of Creating Our Pure Aloe Vera Products

Jan 09, 2024

From Garden to Final Product: The Process of Creating Our Pure Aloe Vera Products

At Aloe Vera Exclusive, each product is the result of meticulous care and a deep respect for nature. The unique geographical conditions of the Canary Islands, specifically Fuerteventura, with its ideal climate and intense sunlight, nurture our aloe vera plants, allowing them to develop exceptional properties.

Organic Farming in the Heart of Fuerteventura

It all starts in our two hectares of organic plantation dedicated to Aloe barbadensis Miller, a species known for its outstanding properties.
All the aloe vera plants are grown on Fuerteventura, an island whose climatic conditions make it an ideal place for the cultivation of this plant. These conditions, together with our certified organic cultivation practices, ensure that each plant develops the optimum characteristics for our products.

Harvesting and Processing: Exceptional Care

Our aloe vera is noted for its high concentration of solids, acemannan and malic acid, indicators of its exceptional quality. At harvest time, each leaf is carefully harvested to preserve its freshness and potency. This meticulous process ensures that only the finest ingredients reach our manufacturing facility.
Once at the factory, located close to our fields to ensure the freshness of the aloe, we begin a careful manufacturing process. We have specialised, insulated rooms to avoid contamination, where the aloe leaves are processed, kept cold, packaged and labelled. This absolute control of the manufacturing process allows us to guarantee the quality, naturalness and ecological certification of the products we create.

Commitment to Innovation and Quality

At Aloe Vera Exclusive, we are not satisfied with simply maintaining tradition; we are constantly striving to improve and innovate. Our goal is to maximise the benefits of aloe vera and share its wonderful properties with our users. From the garden to the final product, every step of our process is committed to delivering the best of aloe vera in its purest and most effective form.

This is the journey of our aloe vera: a path of dedication and respect for nature, reflected in every product that reaches your hands. At Aloe Vera Exclusive, we pride ourselves on carrying out this process with the utmost integrity and care, ensuring that every product we offer is not only effective, but also a reflection of our commitment to wellness and sustainability.